Power Ranger Baddies – plot holes

As soon as I got my drawings into illustrator, My humanoid gave off on impression of a Power Ranger bad guy. This could be down adding colours, and possibly the square design, Possibly because the baddies in Power Rangers always looked a bit crap in comparison to the goodies. I think was done on purpose to let the viewer know that the baddies were not as good as heroes and that there was no way that they were going to win. I think below is actually a good guy, but I like his design, very Vaughn Bode. This is type of design I was trying to capture in my own character. A sort of stylised fantasy being, one that could suit many occasions.

Anna Beth mentioned adding roller skates to my robot, something I had thought about, and co-icides with this comedy fantasy idea. I think that this would a great addition as I don’t want my character to be pigeon holed. Even though I love future retro, I think that if I stick my robot into a specific niche it may distract from its true development of being simply a comedy robot that works with music. I dont want to complicate matters, especially when I get stuck into Maya and I definitely dont want plot holes appearing in my back story.


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