Here is my floorplan for my characters room/studio. It is in scale but not to a specific scale. I think that it is plenty good enough for a layout of what will be going on and the placement of props and furniture/equipment. Like I mentioned in my moodboard post the studio will be in use, but with a slightly derelict feel; Mouldy, rusty, damp. During the crit Anna Beth bought up the thought of what will be going on outside the front door. I think that it will look out onto a vista of a post apocalyptic world, maybe open field or a cityscape. Anna Beth Also bought up the notion of this being future retro or possibly just futuristic. I don’t think i want to go into too much detail in this area. I think that if I set in stone exactly what era or fashion the level is set, that it could come back to bite later on in production. My back story goes along the lines that this is set in the near future; how near doesn’t matter. My design is completely fantasy, putting your finger on certain pieces and trying to pigeon hole it would be useless. The humans have gone and were left with robots roaming the earth. You may think that this could be a problem when it comes to making suitable props, what era, what style; but as far as Im concerned by the time I have put any prop in, wether it be a new or an old object, my illustration and 3D design will all co-incide with each other. I think that the robots items will be a mix of new and old, but that what you get when your scavenging robot.

I know need to get some photos of equipment that I can use as textures within unity.


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