Closure of Team Bondi

I had heard down the pipeline that Rockstar had fobbed off their Team Bondi studio a few months ago, something to do with not being overly happy with them. I had thought this was to do with LA Noire, the game was good, but could have been better, I dont think that it was as well polished compared to other Rockstar releases, the game seemed like it lacked something.

Now the official news has broke that the after seven years of production into LA Noire the Sydney based studio will be closing its doors after declaring bankruptcy. A liquidator has now been appointed to look the final sales of assets to pay back many creditors. They dont just owe such companies as the motion capture studios, but is also in £830,000 debt to unpaid employees, who also bought about a lawsuit against head honcho Brendan McNamara; saying that woking hours were an unreasonable 100 hours plus a week and had to deal with aggressive management and unreasonable demands. No wonder Rockstar wanted to cut any ties…


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