Earth without humans, with robots – Brainstorm

At our current state of technology, if humanity were to be wiped out, maybe the only thing living on the planet would be animals. IF we were to pass due to a nuclear holocaust maybe only few species would be left, its said that only cockroaches may be able to cope. However in the future, with technological advances, robotics will be better, and there is the possibility of A.I.. Natural power sources could keep robots alive and kicking well past our extinction. Who knows robots and animals could live side by side when we are gone.

If humanity were to be wiped out by the robots in a matrix/termintor-esq style, I would like to think that maybe one rogue robot or group would want to try and bring us back. After all robots are designed by us. They are made by human design. Robots are generally designed to aid us in everyday life. They are designed to behave, act, and look human. There would be no point in a robot too big to fit through doors, or one with hands that couldnt use everyday household objects. They are designed around us and how we live. Robots are a part of us, and if A.I. were ever to come into place then they would defiantly act like humans as much as cybernetic organism could.

In the 2nd matrix, The Oracle explains to Neo about a program that works against the machines even though it is made by them, the opposition to the Smiths. Just like on our current operating systems, there are always bugs. In this case the system that is against humanity, also has bugs that aid mankind. This could be the case in my world, the robots have destroyed us, but there a faction or just 1 who want to restore humanity. That one robot feels for us, one that remembers what we did for them, has love for its creators.

Another plausible theory would be like the Jim Henson tribute. That when we are gone we leave behind a mass of robots that once lived among us, helping us doing everyday task and work deemed un-fit for humans. These robots would now rendered useless without humans, but you could look at it like setting a slave free. These robots once had a sole purpose to aid mankind, but they can now live there own lives, but what would they get up to? would they know how to live a life? or would they lost soles, not knowing what to do with themselves…

…I would like to think that the robots would glorify our existence after we pass, continue on as we did and pay tribute to their creators. Certain robots may pay tribute in different ways, after all certain robots will be designed with a specific purpose, surgical, construction, policing etc. Maybe without purpose these robots pay tribute in specific specialties as endless mourning to their creators.


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