The Sentients of the Matrix

MORPHEUS: We have only bits and pieces of information. What we know for certain is that, at some point in the early Twenty-first Century, all of mankind was united in celebration. Through the blinding inebriation of hubris, we marveled at our magnificence as we gave birth to A.I.

NEO A.I.? You mean artificial intelligence?

MORPHEUS: Yes. A singular consciousness that spawned an entire race of machines. I must say I find it almost funny to imagine the world slapping itself on the back, toasting the new age. I say almost funny.

After looking into skynet, it only seemed fair to bring up the Matrix. Once again its a bit of a negative for the human race and within this story there is still a resistance left fighting back against the machines. We all know the story of the Matrix, so I wont bore anyone with it; but I think its of importance to bring up the details of their struggle, causes and consequences.

It aint’ 1999 its 2199 Morpheus tells Neo. Just like in Terminator A.I. has been created in the 21st century and soon the machines see humanity as a threat to their own existence and begin to take us out. By the time Neo has taken his blue pill the humans have scorched the skies to try and cut off an energy supply to the sentient’s, they retaliate by using humans as an energy source in conjunction with nuclear fusion, by growing countless amounts of humans in pods to harvest their energy.

I have a couple of references that Im going to use for a positive aspect of what will happen when human’s no longer dominate earth, but it seems that most of the time its a negative, the story is how how the humans fight back to save their own race, Im guessing because this makes a better story, we always want to see the underdog prevail, especially if its us.


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