What makes a good character?

After looking up what makes a good character here is a list of what people have posted over the world wide web…

Flaws and redeeming qualities
Good self esteem
Imperfect character – so people can relate, or completely the opposite so people can aspire too be like them….
Seeing yourself, or relating to the character builds an instant bond.
A character’s personality often seals a bond by making us relate as kindred spirits or by encouraging our smiles.
Characters often have two faces that help endear them.
Humanity – even the worst villains have a soft spot, like Hannible lecture with Clarice. Darth Vader coming round at the end.You don’t have to like a character to feel something for them.
Characters need to be either GOOD or EVIL – anything in between is confusing.
Nobody is perfect.
Characters need to feel pain, the outcome can be spectacular.
What is the characters point of view?
What is the characters attitude?
what change does your character go through?
characters need real decisions to make, with realistic solutions….

A good site I found is written by Holly lisle (http://hollylisle.com/how-to-create-a-character/). She wrote a few do’s and dont’s, written up in detail on her site….

Don’t start your character off with a name or a physical description.
Do start developing your character by giving him a problem, a dramatic need, a compulsion.
Don’t rely on crutches.
Do empathize with your character.
Don’t sympathize with your characters.
Finally, do write from your own life.

What is it about them that makes them human? What are their vices and virtues? What line won’t your character cross, no matter what?


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