Temple Features

Since starting production we have have had to alter from our original designs. Some things we could simply not produce and starting production sparked new ideas, and ways to tackle the brief. Here are some of the reasons for new ideas…

The crumbling bridge gives alot of feeling to the cavern space and produces the puzzle of how to cross and where to go. Its a simple technique that will will bring alot of life to the design of the level. Like all the new features this will give direction and fluidity.

The grand staircase makes the level a bit more epic, I think that will go well with the size of the hive. I think that having just one huge object may look a bit strange. Whilst researching temples I noticed that all major temples had a huge dominating staircase, in our case I/we dont think that we want it over powering the main feature which is the hive.

I came up with the spiked bridge whilst moving the terrain for our walls and creating a circular mountain entrance. The reasoning behind the mountain path was that it was an effective way to add some mystery to the cavern. I thought that a simple entrance would be quite boring. It wouldn’t fit in with the idea of the hive. The level wants to be secretive, we dont want to give the user everything all in one room, we want them to have to work it out, some sort of a puzzle making it simply more fun. Back to the spiked bridge, I put this in place to give some sort of Indiana Jones, booby-trapped vibe; a warning to not enter, but also create intrigue, the possibility of gaining a reward.

Another feature I have added is this tower and trough. My plan is to turn this into a waterfall. There are a couple of reasons for this…Its good way of getting a running water sound into the level. I think that the sound of running water will bring a great ambiance, plus it is a relaxing sound. The next reason for the water fall is to make a trough beneath the dish on the platform that will run the water down into the pool of water, but in front of the sunken entrance. This is to cover it up but not completely, hopefully making it an area of intrigue.


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