PSN costs Sony £105 million

It is estimated that the PSN hack that left servers down for 25 days, will have cost Sony £105 million by the end of the next financial year. On top of this is the unfortunate Japanese earthquake which will bring operating income down by £129 million. “During the fiscal year ended March 31, 2011, Sony expects to record charges of approximately 12 billion yen, consisting principally of idle facility costs at manufacturing sites and an incremental provision for life insurance policy reserves,” Sony said. “In addition, there is an approximately 5 billion yen impact from the estimated net margin loss associated with a decrease in sales resulting from the Earthquake and an estimate of variable costs.” Together the earthquake and hack, plus other factors, will leave the whole group with a predicted loss of £1.95 billion for this financial year. Due to the network only offering matchmaking, they are still losing out on income on downloadable content from the store. Sony are offering a year of free identity theft protection to all users…but shouldn’t we have that anyway?

Here is a copy of their statement predicting silly losses…

below…an unhappy Japanese person….


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