Initial idea

Between us in our team we all decided that the cavern location was good. Zoe & Jade went and did their research and came up with the hive idea, I thought that it had a lot of possibility. My research led me down the traditional temple and Indian temple tank. We have convened this morning and decided that we can incorporate both.

The general idea is that you enter through a small cave into the main cavern. As you get into the main chamber the user is confronted with the temple tank. When the water is drained the user can get across to the other side of the cavern where the lower entrance to the hive is located. Also when the water is drained from the tank, there is a secret room at the bottom.

I think that we will have the elders located within the hive itself, they could be encased in some sort of of honey like crystals. There will also be a small opening at the top of the hive that goes through the mountain top as a secret alternative entrance/exit.


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