What actually is a temple???

A temple, derived from the Latin word templum is a structure solely from religious/spiritual activity…prayer, sacrifice and analogous rites. A temple can also be associated with being the dwelling of a god or gods and practices date back to prehistoric times. Here is a list of most notable types of temples….Ayyavazhi temples, Buddhist temples, Christian temples, Greco-Roman temples, Hindu temples, Jain temples, Jewish synagogues and temples, Masonic temples, Pagan temples, Sikh temples, Zoroastrian temples.

The group of above mentioned temples all have their pro’s and possible cons. As a way of research into how my team will advance through this project, there seems to be a lot of possibility here with many directions that could be taken. Each of the above have certain look and feel, that not just can be described visually but also have a lot of history, some still have current following, whilst some are extinct and their past is relatively unknown, this could lead to possible fantasy twist. I think this could work well with the Mayan temples, and the somewhat illusive past of the Mayan people…the seedyness of human sacrifice and the current issue of the predicted end of the world next year…

Personally I would like to look into the religions and cults aspect of temples. Ones that have a certain ‘je ne cest qoui’ about them, particularly ones I find slightly seedy or cultish, eg, the Mormons, Stonemasons and the Mayans. Just from a slight bit of research I can see that it would be impossible to look into all cultures that surround these structures. Saying this I will also look into ones I find beautiful and strange. It seems a lot of people in the class have also chosen this brief… I will make it our aim to make sure that ours is different from any other teams…


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