Temples of Bagan, Burma

One selection of temples that I particularly like are the Burmese temples of Bagan. Apparently a lot of the architecture draws influence from the Himalayas. More than thirteen thousand Buddhist temples, pagodas, and other religious structures were built; currently, seven centuries later, approximately twenty-two hundred remain standing. The river Irrawaddy has washed away 1/3 of the original temples, whilst some have been destroyed by looters and earthquakes.
Even though I think that these temples are amazingly beautiful, I don’t think that they are suitable for our brief work. I find the history of them interesting, but drawing from their structure could be too hard for our team, due to us being beginners when it comes to 3d modeling and such. Plus as I have noted I would like to work on something that has a darker past, or something that I can happily twist or make fantastical. These temples and culture seem too great for me to bastardize.


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