Mormon temples

Recently I have become quite interested in the Mormon culture, maybe down the program Big Love and the episode of south park which simplifies the beginning of the religion. I think that this would be an area to start researching as it comes into the idea of being a cult, even though internationally recognized and has a huge following, it gets my creative mind bubbling with ideas. I don’t want to directly try and humiliate the religion, but its beliefs, dress and culture surrounding it can be built on. The huge contemporary temples are a modern type of research that can go towards the brief. I want full knowledge of past and present so that I can direct the girls in my team into the initial design process and formulate some good, solid ideas. I think may help us separate from other teams in the class.

Also Below I have got some images of standards within the Mormon community, dress, holy book, missionaries etc…things that make up the people of the religion. This will hopefully come into interior design and possibly what the ‘elders’ could look like.


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