Apple has 2 new smart phones in the works

Apple is starting production on the new iphone 5 this September for a release in March. Apple have decided to leave its usual july production/release to make sure that there will be enough stock in time for release, something they have fallen short with in the iphone and ipad department in the past. It is reported that the iphone will have slight cosmetic changes in comparison to the iphone 4; but will have an 8 megapixel camera and the new a5 processor seen in the ipad 2 (does this mean we will see garageband?). Also a new antenna design, as we can all remember the initial problems found with the iphone 4.Apple has said to be saving the design overhaul for the iphone 6, which should be with us by early 2012. below we have a mock up of a Iphone nano, not stated to be in production, but rumored to be in the works…


One thought on “Apple has 2 new smart phones in the works

  1. zzcrakerdog says:

    Looks like ipod nano 2G

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