Awfully Sexist

Fox news reports the new Duke Nukem forever is “awfully sexist”. They said previously that Duke Nukem 3D ‘depicted women as strippers and prostitutes’, and that the new installment is ‘taking sexism to a new level’. There are a few areas in the new game which seem to be sending Feminists even crazier; such as an ‘implied fellatio’ scene and capture the babe in multiplayer. The game has been rated ‘M’ for mature in America, meaning for sale to people over the age of 17, and in the UK will get and 18 certificate, so whats the problem? 18 rated films usually have a lot more sleaze, including real fellatio.


One thought on “Awfully Sexist

  1. wernerkalders says:

    I see no problem in this type of games for people of that age. Once you’re around 18y old you should be able to decide for yourselves.

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