Judge denies EA motion to dismiss in $400M Infinity Ward case

When Jason West and Vince Zampella of the Call of duty studio, Infinity Ward were sacked by their head Activision, a lot of speculation was produced. The story is that Activision promised pay bonuses to all the employees at Infinity Ward to get the Modern Warfare 2 complete on schedule; but nearing completion West and Zampella were apparently in talks with EA to split themselves and numerous members of the Infinity Ward to go to there under a new studio name Respawn Entertainment.
Of course Activision were majorly pissed, and didn’t give them their due bonuses. The members that stayed at Activision were paid the bonuses, but 40 member’s of the team that left were not and now suing (complaint over unpaid royalties against Activision).

So now Activison seem to bringing down whoever they can including EA. EA have tried to get themselves out of the case, the judge has dismissed this, and the case is set to go to trial in May. EA told Gamespot, “Activision’s attempt to drag others into the suit is subterfuge. This has always been a simple case of two artists trying to get paid for their work. We’re confident that the jury will side with Jason and Vince and order Activision to pay them the hundreds of millions they are owed.”

46 members left Infinity Ward with West & Zampella, signing to their new studio Respawn. According to comments by the employees, Respawn was expected to begin work on its first project in May 2010.


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