Not so good colour scheme

My initial attempt to start adding colour to the cityscape went well. The simple blues added a lot of depth to the image…but my first mistake was that it didn’t look swamp/bayou looking, probably because of the water being so blue.

Next i painstakingly added all the individual parts of colour to the bridge etc… The green and slight pink on the crocodile looked great. so far so good….

Now this is when the image starts to slip, muddled. the contrasting colour’s really don’t work. It looks childish in a way.

The image now just looks messy. At this point I had spent a good 2 hrs on adding colour and it was going no-where. I didn’t want to continue a lengthy process in producing a pile of crap.

Ive learnt from this to keep it simple. Try to use a colour way, and the water needs to be a green to give a swamp like effect.


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