Illustrated from originals

These are the group of images that I illustrated to position in my final cityscape image. We have the rotten boat to emphasise the derelict swamp that surrounds the city and obvious simple mode of transport, or means of catching fish. We have the Everglades swamp boat that brings I think slight sci-fi feel to the image, probably the best but pricey means of transport in the Bayou. The same goes for the Glider/boat, an over the top means of transport, that maybe still a great way of getting around the depleted area, this reminds me of one man helicopter in the 2nd Mad Max film. We also have the sunken shopping trolley, I thought that this image would be lost without it, I don’t think it needs a explanation. Finally the sun and the crocodile are along the same idea. This isn’t real, my character is fictitious. The world he lives in is full of magic and superstition, anything is possible. It makes it more fun.


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