Characters den finished…

I incredibly happy with the finished house for Benedicte. I have outdone myself. Im pretty much a new comer to illustrator and haven’t been so good at drawing in the past. This to me seems like a pretty professional outcome. Just how in-visioned it in my head.
I next obviously need to add colour, which is a job in its own. Its something I have trouble with, like on my final 1 minute piece for digital film. This is why I have posted it now as is, so it can be seen in its glory before I ruin it by adding a shit colour scheme.

The flag was added to give it an obvious southern feel. The ladder was a last minute addition when I realized there was no way of him getting on and off his platform. I feel the satellite dish was a good touch, there isn’t many dwellings in the world that dont have one, its also enforces the scavenger vibe, especially with the nice TV.


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