Streaming leaves games retailers steaming

Online download services and new live streaming devices seem to have high street game retailers shaking in their boots. Steam a PC/MAC game download services created by US studio Valve (half life etc) has been concerning high street retailers and other download services as it has a stronghold monopoly of about 80% of all legit downloads. This seems to be grinding a few peoples gears, including the boss at the leading UK game retailer (I’m guessing game). He is quoted “If we have a digital service, then I don’t want to start selling a rival in-store”, I can understand his worries but, sort it out! This is the future, whether industry heads want to hear it or not. The broadened use of the internet and file sharing has left a lot big dogs in the media industry complaining about reduced incomes due to illegal downloading or technology rendering their source of sales useless, from record shops to Video game retailers, people are losing out. I say tough luck, get with times and stop whining about it. Studio’s should cut out the middle man, why cant I get my favorite TV shows from the US as soon as their finished and aired on TV.

I can get some of the Uk stuff on demand, or I have to download illegally because I don’t want to have to wait for the American stuff to come onto UK television. This is wrong but that’s not my problem. If a studio offered me an instant download for about £1 then I would pay. Its not the down-loaders ruining the industry its the stubborn network bosses. They need to cater for the generation, it maybe hard to predict where the future of digital media sales will be in 6 months, a year or even a decade but that’s for studio and networks to figure out and stop bitching about how they cant afford a new sports car this year compared to last when they bought 2.
The new arrival of ‘OnLive’ may stir up a few emotions. It is a piece of hardware that you stream game to your TV, phone or computer. Its a small ‘no-frills’ box that cuts out the console, that lets you play multi-platform games over the internet, all for a price of £99. Could this render the traditional console useless?


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