Sony to release new psp

Sony’s PSP sales last year were down by 37%, most likely due to the iphone and such, selling 16.2 million iphone’ s in just November & December. Sony knew they would have to bring new technology to the market to compete.
The new PSP boasts a touch screen and touch control on the back and 3rd generation wireless connectivity. A new improved 5” display 4 times clearer than the previous PSP, and is graphically compared to original ps3 graphics.
The problem I find is that they will be releasing a separate PSP phone. This seems useless. We want the new PSP to include a phone, otherwise Apple will stay on top. If Sony bought out a top notch PSP with phone built in I would probably ditch my Iphone. Until that happens I’m sticking with apple.

I will not be getting rid of my Iphone for the above…


Here is the actual new PSP…

Looks the same as the old one, but does have proper analogue sticks…but no phone…this wont beating any Apple hardware…


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