Has an MMO ever had a sucessful launch?

After recently buying DC Universe online, I deemed it unplayable after about 6 hrs play….but it seems like such a good game….As a console gamer I never really had a chance to play an MMO until the recent release of DC. I was never fussed about signing up for WoW, I knew it would be too addictive and it didn’t seem like something I really wanted to get involved with, as I spent enough time COD already.
I was excited about DC, it seemed a bit cooler and no fuss as I could pop it in my PS3 and play along side my bro. First impression was set by the monthly fee, which is new to console gamers, but my thinking was that no studio would have the audacity to charge monthly on a console unless it was the bee’s knee’s. After playing it for an hour, the bugs were plainly obvious. The mics didn’t work, console froze up resulting in forced shut down, some missions were impossible to complete (no matter what rank), the 2hr download & install from the network (wasn’t the Blu-Ray meant to combat this?) & the list goes on…..
Since buying and playing I haven’t touched the game, waiting for the due patches and upgrades. I have toady looked on the game forums and it seems the dev’s have been v busy indeed. I’m going to give it another crack today and check for major improvement, if there isn’t any then its very unlikely will be topping up my subscription.


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