Call Of Duty: Black Ops review

This is a review written for creative industries in the style of empire magazine.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops


The seventh instalment of the Call Of Duty Franchise is set rightfully in a fresh period putting its WWII predecessor to shame. It’s Vietnamese Cold War setting is new and un-rivaled, also not lacking tech weaponry and lush landscapes. The game glows with authentic espionage feel that no other FPS has touched on, you are constantly bombarded with all out action that really draws attention to its rich mechanics and constant narrative flow.

Players of any magnitude will be drawn. Newcomers can pick up and play, no-doubtably love the intense action that the campaign and multiplayer modes have to offer. The Vietnamese campaign will also keep the veterans of the Call Of Duty series attracted, whilst multiplayer may vex true enthusiasts. Even though Black Ops has the most robust multiplayer to date with dozens of new features Treyarch have maybe added too much. Game lobbies seem to crash at an alarming rate, losing friends, kicking from games and the inability to join other clan members games even though space is available. Apart from that the new game modes are exciting and fun, the 4 new wager match modes will have you kicking and screaming, not to mention zombies will have you running round the pentagon for hours.

Treyarch have been carefully watched over the last year, known as one of the lesser franchise development teams, they have still managed to put out top notch production that maybe not as perfect as an Infinity Ward effort; It still lies on top charts and will still draw in the hardcore COD players offering fresh experience.Holds record release day sales record of 1.4 million copies compared to last years 1.23 million first day sales of Infinity Wards Modern Warefare 2.


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